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Moving homes or workplaces can be a stressful situation. Sometimes the timing of our move does not match up and we need a place to store our belongings. That is why in London Ontario we are privileged to have reliable and trustworthy storage companies like Sprint Moving Services, that aid in keeping your items safe for any period of time. Here are the best storing tips to make sure you successfully store your items!

Storage Tips- Garage Sale1. Try To Get Rid of Stuff

Moving out means that throughout the years you have accumulated a lot of access baggage. Meaning that for this new move it is best to start fresh and light. This means having to go through and throw out some items that are not of value to you anymore. It is best to start a new journey with new things and not take all of your past with you. Start by giving some of your items to charity or to loved ones. We all know moving can be expensive, so for your valuables try selling them on second hand apps or have a garage sale. Welcome the new by getting rid of the old!

Moving List2.Get Organized

Storing your items means that you will not necessarily have access to them all the time. Time can go by and you can forget what items you have chosen to store. Making a detailed list of all of the items that are stored away can help you remember the items you have and some that you need. In addition, this will help you evaluate the type of London moving storage facility that you need.

Trusted Moving Company Sprint

 3. Find A Trusted Storage Company In London Ontario

When leaving your personal items in storage you need to make sure that you choose someone who is trustworthy. Sprint Moving Services has been in business since 2007, therefore we have a reliable staff and facility, ensuring your items are in the right hands. We are located in London Ontario, if you are in the area it is convenient to have access to your items whenever you need. Having a clear and open conversation about your specific storage needs and wants will make sure that you have the best experience possible.


London Ontario moving and packing service

4. Packing and Preparing Items For Storage

Having an organized packing system, will ensure that you can find your items easily and in a timely manner. During the moving process it is easy to lose items so by having a systematic and simply packing regime will benefit you in the long run. Clean and make sure all items are dry before packing them away. Take apart large items to maximize storage space and keep the integrity of each component. To protect your items use padding matts and materials to make sure nothing breaks. Secure and close all of your boxes with tape to make sure you do not lose any items. Store your more valuable items or those that you will need more readily available at the front of the unit. This will ensure easy access during the temporary storing phase.


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5. Do Not Store Perishable Items

If you are storing items for the long duration of time, the last thing you want is for a stinky space. Making sure that nothing you store can go bad is essential. This will ensure the integrity of your other items as well as the unit space itself. We need to make sure that no rodents and bugs come take up space in the storage unit. Keeping your items clean is crucial to the integrity of its longevity.

Climate Control London Moving Company

6. Use a Climate Controlled Storage Facility

Having your storage unit maintain a specific climate is essential for maintaining the integrity of your items. Items made of wood, metal, electronics, art pieces, vintage items, historical pieces etc. need a certain temperature so they do not deteriorate. In London Ontario, the weather is unpredictable and fluctuates throughout the year. Making sure that your items are always under the best conditions is crucial when seeking a storage facility. Luckily, Sprint Moving Services has climate controlled storage facilities that ensure that your items are in prime condition during the duration of service.

Protection For Moving

7. Get The Essentials For Storing Items

Having the right materials at your disposable means that you will be ready to store effectively. Run to your local hardware store and grab boxes, tape, bubble wrap and packing paper. Always buy more than you think you need. You never know what you need until the moving process begins. It is always better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Sprint Storage London Ontario

8. Take a Load Off On Moving Day

If you are in a time crunch and require moving out on a specific day and time than storing your items is crucial. Storing takes away the added stress of moving more items on the day off. Keeping a lot of your items in storage means that you will no longer have to worry about getting your items out of your home and into your new one by a certain time. Having less items means more open space to clean, paint, install flooring or prepare anything in advance without having to work around your personal items.

Sprint London Storage

9. Label, Label, Label

The more you label the better your organization process will be. By organizing all storage items based on the location of the room will save you from having to sift through your items to see where everything goes. For e.g. If certain boxes pertain for your bedroom, write “Bedroom” on all of the boxes. Think about your future self. They will thank you for taking the time to be organized during the stressful move in day.

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10. Go Bigger Than You Think

It is better to be safe than sorry, or in the case of storing, better to be bigger than sorry. This means getting a bigger storage unit than you anticipated. Reason being that you may have more than you accounted for. Even though you have tried to throw out a lot of items prior to the move. Shopping for new things is a huge part of moving to a new space. Trying to cram all of your items into a small space can be very dangerous and can cause your items to break and become squished. Trying to stack and pack things on top of each other is a recipe for disaster. Leave enough space for your items to fit comfortably.

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